Who are we

In 1996 the department of anesthesia at the faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, became in charge of a new surgical ICU dedicated to serve patients admitted to the emergency surgical unit. This unit was led by Professor Amr Mattar and consisted of 4 ICU beds, which was located in the vicinity of the Operating Suite of the Emergency department and served Surgical and trauma patients coming to the casualties of Kasr Alainy hospital.

At year 2001 this ICU unit was moved to ward 5 to be upgraded to an 8-bed unit and at this time it was led by Professor Ahmed Badawy followed by Professor Sanaa Abd ElKareem.

A major development occurred at year 2006 when this unit was completely renewed and became the largest surgical ICU at Kasr Alainy hospital at this time, comprised of 27 beds, 12 of them were for intensive care and 15 beds for intermediate care, led by Professor Waleed Hamimy.

And finally, the ward 5 surgical ICU was transferred in July 2014 to the new building of the 185 Trauma & Emergency hospital to become our 185 TS-ICU. With a total capacity of 50 ICU beds and a complete team of residents, specialists and consultants led by Prof.Waleed Hamimy , we provide FREE critical care services 24/7 to surgical and/or trauma patients in Kasr Alainy hospitals (Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University)

The Anesthesia Department is also running 40 postoperative Intensive Care beds including 30 beds for Trauma Critical Care, and 10 beds for Postoperative Surgical and Neurosurgical patients. The Cairo University Medical School Anesthesia Department is the leading department of Anesthesia in the country with the longest history and highest patient flow per year, so,  we are charged with a great responsibility to ensure all of our patients receive the best possible care. We are also implementing the most effective and efficient models of care provision and education programs for young doctors.

Our Goals

  • Deliver State-of-The-Art & Evidence-Based service in critical care medicine provided to Surgical and/or Trauma Patients.
  • Educate medical students, residents, and junior staff using the latest effective learning & Teaching strategies.
  • Contribute to the success of Cairo University Medical School in improving the Quality of medical services provided to the patients and the continuous progress in medical research conducted by the faculty.