Policies & Protocols

There is growing interest in the use of Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines as a means of reducing inappropriate care, and making more effective use of health care resources. Moreover a standardized approach to management is desirable for optimal patient care and safety, improving communication and understanding between members of the ICU team and associated specialties.

Critical care protocols should be used to inform healthcare staff by providing guidance on what is thought to be the best option regarding a specific aspect of care or the consensus on how a given situation is usually best tackled. But they cannot and should not be used in an attempt to replace expert decision-making which weighs up all the aspects of each individual situation.

Our goal in Kasr Alainy hospital, Anesthesia department is to provide the highest level of patient care, by using Evidence-based medicine which joins experience-based practice in a multidisciplinary approach.

 185 TS-ICU Evidence Based Critical Care Protocol Book 2015View / Download

Policies adopted for different Procedures in our ICU:

Abdominal Paracentesis Policy
Arterial Line Insertion PolicyView / Donwload
Care for Tracheostomy PolicyView / Donwload
Chest Tube Insertion PolicyView / Donwload
Endotracheal Intubation PolicyView / Donwload
Urinary Catheter Insertion PolicyView / Download

Protocols implemented in our ICU:

 Admission & Discharge Protocol AlgorithmView / Download
 Transfer Protocol  View / Download
 Anticoagulants Protocol  View / Download 
 Burn Resuscitation Protocol 
View / Download 
 Management of DKA Protocol Manag. AlgorithmView / Download 
 Fever Assessment Protocol  Manag. AlgorithmView / Download
 Fluid Therapy and Electrolyte Replacement ProtocolHyponatremia   Diagnosis. / TTTView / Download
 GIT Hemorrhage Management Protocol Manag. AlgorithmView / Download
 Hemodynamic Assessment of Patients with Circulatory Failure Protocol Step-Wise Assessment AlgorithmView / Download
 Acute Pulmonary Embolism Management ProtocolDiagnosis With Shock / Without Shock / Manag. Algorithm
View / Download
 Mechanical Ventilation Protocol Recruitment / ARDS Ventilatory strategyView / Download
 Non-invasive Ventilation protocol View / Download
 Nosocomial Infection Prevention and Management Protocol CA abdominal infection / CAP / CLBSI diag. / CLBSI managFungemia / VAPView / Download
 Nutrition Protocol Nutrition Algorithm EstimationView / Download
 Post-Return of Spontaneous Circulation Protocol Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm / Therapeutic HypothermiaView / Download
 Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation Management Protocol Manag. Algorithm / Choice of AnticoagulantView / Download
 Prophylaxis of Deep Venous Thrombosis Protocol Prophylaxis AlgorithmView / Download
 Resuscitation Protocol in Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock Initial Manag. AlgorithmView / Download
 Sepsis Management Protocol Surviving Sepsis Campaign / Advanced Manag. AlgorithmView / Download
 Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis Protocol Prophylaxis AlgorithmView / Download
 Transfusion and Coagulopathy Management Protocol Transfusion AlgorithmView / Download
 Traumatic Brain Injury Management Protocol View / Download
 Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation Protocol Weaning Algorithm / High Risk for Failure Patients AlgorithmView / Download

Protocols implemented in our ICU for Special Populations:

 Obstetrics Critical Care ProtocolView / Download

 Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation Protocol ARDS Algorithm / Recruitment AlgorithmView / Download
 Pediatric Nutrition Protocol Stepwise Nutrition AlgorithmView / Download
 Pediatric Sepsis & Septic Shock Resuscitation Protocol Time-Sensitive, Goal-Directed Manag. AlgorithmView / Download